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2011 Season Schedule

April 28, 2011

2011 SSLPDX Regular Season Schedule

Location: Pier Park Softball Fields

Key: BL Beulahland, BR Billy Ray’s, BS Bside, C21 Club 21, FR Florida Room, KC Kenton Club, RF Red Flag, RS Roadside Attraction, SA Ship Ahoy, SL Slim’s, ST The Standard, VP Vincente’s Pizza

Gametimes: 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm

May 14 – Afterparty: BL Trash: VP
Field 2 – BL v ST, SA v FR, RF v VP
Field 3 – BS v RS, C21 v KC, BR v SL

May 21 – Afterparty: BR Trash: C21
Field 2 – BR v RS, BS v KC, C21 v FR
Field 3 – RF v ST, BL v SL, SA v VP

June 4 – Afterparty: BS Trash: BL
Field 2 – BS v FR, RF v SL, BL v RS
Field 3 – C21 v SA , BR v KC, ST v VP

June 11 – Afterparty: SL Trash: SA
Field 2 – SL v ST, C21 v VP, BR v FR
Field 3 – BL v KC, RF v RS, BS v SA

June 18 – Afterparty: FR Trash: BS
Field 2 – BL v FR, RF v KC, BS v C21
Field 3 – RS v ST, BR v SA, SL v VP

June 25 – Afterparty: KC Trash: RS
Field 2 – KC v ST, BR v C21, RS v SL
Field 3 – BS v VP, RF v FR, BL v SA

July 9 – Afterparty: SA Trash: ST
Field 2 – RF v SA, BL v C21, FR v ST
Field 3 – KC v SL, RS v VP, BR v BS

July 16 – Afterparty: RS Trash: FR
Field 2 – BR v VP, RF v C21, FR v SL
Field 3 – KC v RS, SA v ST, BL v BS

July 23 – Afterparty: C21 Trash: BR
Field 2 – C21 v ST, RF v BS, BL v BR
Field 3 – FR v RS, KC v VP, SA v SL

July 30 – Afterparty: ST Trash: KC
Field 2 – SA v RS, C21 v SL, FR v KC
Field 3 – BS v ST, BL v VP, RF v BR

Aug 6 – Afterparty: VP Trash: RF
Field 2 – BR v ST, BS v SL, RF v BL
Field 3 – FR v VP, C21 v RS, SA v KC

Aug 20 – Chumpionships
Field 2 – 12 pm: ST vs BR, 2 pm: ST/BR vs BS, 4 pm: BL/RS/FR vs ST/BR/BS
Field 3 – 12 pm: BL vs RS, 2 pm: BL/RS vs FR

Aug 27 – Championships Afterparty: Kenton Club
Field 2 – 12 pm: SA vs C21, 2 pm: SA/C21 vs RF
Field 3 – 12 pm: SL vs KC, 2 pm: SL/KC vs VP, 4 pm: SA/C21/RF vs SL/KC/VP

– Final game on either day could be on either field, depending on the prefs of the teams involved.
– Tho we have faith in all of our teams, above is predicated upon highest seed in any game opting to play lowest seed.
– Highest seed in any game retains home-field advantage.