The Amnesia Yaks Win 2010 Championship!

Clubhouse beat The Standard and Club 21 beat The Kenton Club, then Vincente’s Pizza beat the Clubhouse and The Amnesia Yaks beat Club 21, then The Amnesia Yaks beat Vincente’s Pizza! Then good times! Thanks for a great season, everyone! Till next year… Be Well, Graham


3 Responses to “The Amnesia Yaks Win 2010 Championship!”

  1. Dennis Says:


    Is there a possible opening for another team in this league this coming season?


    • sslpdx Says:

      Hi Dennis, I’m sorry but I’m afraid the league has decided not to expand for 2011. Please check back later this year as we may bring the issue up for discussion again post-season. Thanks, Graham

  2. Dennis Says:

    OK, I’m gonna flat out offer to pay for another team or two just to get into the league. There are NO other leagues available. I’m asking you guys and the Sunday League too. C’mon, we’re good guys – I can get a lot of the teams to vouch for us if you need. Please let me know. Thanks.

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