2010 Season Schedule

Location: Pier Park Softball Fields

Key: AM = Amnesia, BEU = Beulahland, BR = Billy Ray’s, BS = The B-Side, C21 = Club 21, CH = Clubhouse, KC = Kenton Club, RS = Roadside Attraction, SLIM = Slim’s, ST = The Standard, TE = Team Evil (Florida Room), VP = Vincente’s Pizza

Game times are 12, 1:30, 3:00.

May 15

Field 2 – AM v BEU, BR v ST, C21 v RS

Field 3 – TE v VP, BS v SLIM, CH v KC

May 29
Field 2 – BS v ST, BEU v VP, CH v RS
Field 3 – AM v BR, C21 v SLIM, TE v KC

June 5

Field 2 – TE v RS, C21 v ST, AM v BS

Field 3 – KC v VP, CH v SLIM, BEU v BR

June 12

Field 2 – CH v ST, TE v SLIM, BEU v BS
Field 3 – AM v C21, BR v VP, KC v RS

June 19

Field 2 – KC v SLIM, AM v CH, BR v BS

Field 3 – RS v VP, BEU v C21, TE v ST

June 26
Field 2 – RS v SLIM, BS v VP, BEU v CH

Field 3 – BR v C21, KC v ST, AM v TE

July 10

Field 2 – AM v KC, RS v ST, BR v CH

Field 3 – BEU v TE, BS v C21, SLIM v VP

July 17

Field 2 – BEU v KC, SLIM v ST, BS v CH
Field 3 – C21 v VP, AM v RS, BR v TE

July 24

Field 2 – BR v KC, C21 v CH, AM v SLIM

Field 3 – BS v TE, ST v VP, BEU v RS

July 31
Field 2 – BEU v SLIM, BS v KC, CH v VP

Field 3 – AM v ST, BR v RS, C21 v TE

Aug 7

Field 2 – C21 v KC, CH v TE, BR v SLIM

Field 3 – BS v RS, BEU v ST, AM v VP

Aug 21 – Championship!!!
12 pm:
Field 2 (ump: Bob) ST vs CH
Field 3 (ump: Tom) KC vs C21
2 pm:
Field 2 (Bob) ST/CH vs VP
Field 3 (Tom) KC/C21 vs AM
4 pm:
Field 3 (Bob & Tom) ST/CH/VP vs KC/C21/AM

(Please note: the above schedule is predicated on CH beating ST in the first round. AM will play lowest seed in the second round, whichever team that is.)


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